Our commitment to equality and diversity

At Mafiabikes we understand the importance of diversity and supporting and engaging with communities that are affected by discrimination. We believe this is important not only to pave the way for change within our industry but also on a broader national and global scale. As a company with staff and customers from all walks of life we recognise that systemic racism exists and that we must take action to combat it. We want to and are working to do more to overcome all forms of discrimination. White privilege clearly exists within our society and now is the time to show alliance in helping solve the root causes of it. These causes go deeper than the evident white on black police brutality demonstrated in the media in recent times. Mafiabikes believe that the real challenge is striving for equal rights and a fair chance for all, regardless of race, class or upbringing.

What is systemic racism?

Systemic racism is a form of racism that is embedded as normal practice within society. It can lead to such issues as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power and education, among other issues. It is often hard to confront or prove this type of racism as opposed to verbal or written racism because there is not always clear evidence, yet whether the offender(s) are conscious of their actions or not, does not deny that those decisions are racially motivated. Systemic racism has been present within our everyday lives for hundreds of years and it will not be a quick process to overcome it. However, change is upon us and now is the time to do whatever we can as individuals to affect the racially corrupt systems and help promote change for the better and to positively affect the lives of those who have lived under the systemic bias for generations.

What do we do?

With opportunities being taken away because of systemic racism (intentional or not) it can often lead young people away from the path of success and towards crime and gang culture where they may feel more accepted. Our motto has always been “Get Kids On Bikes” and we believe that the various facets of the cycling industry that we are involved in openly encourage participation from all walks of life regardless of upbringing or colour and as a company we wholeheartedly encourage and stand by this. The aim of Mafiabikes has always been to provide high quality, widely affordable bikes which in turn open the world of cycling to those who may not have otherwise been able to experience what so many of us at Mafia have dedicated our lives too.

In recent years we have become a big part of the “Knives down, Bikes up” movement that aims to encourage young people to get into cycling as a sport and steer away from gang affiliation and crime. Mafiabikes supports many riders, filmmakers and shops from various backgrounds and ethnicities across the world. From signature products and bikes to community projects, we, as a company and individuals, have tried to give back to our riders and communities that would benefit.

We have always supported people of all races within our workforce, whether it be office staff, riders, cameramen and team managers across the nation and overseas. We admire the hard work done by various organisations towards helping disadvantaged and excluded young people and have donated to and raised funds for many great causes, such as Stay Strong, with signature products, and donations to multiple charity events on a more local level.

What are we going to do?

Looking to the future we hope to not only continue our support for great causes but to also increase our engagement across those channels. We are looking to set up regular workshops teaching young adults the hands-on skills to fix and maintain bikes so they can gain confidence and knowledge to transfer into their everyday life. We also plan set up a number of events to bring local communities together and raise awareness. We will continue to work closely with these communities and with the riders we support in the future and pledge to become more involved with organisations that fight for racial equality.

Mafiabikes hears you and we are ready to change the game.

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